A place called home

When it rains it pours. Most of you would probably assume that I’m talking about the unusually high volume of rain we’ve had these past few months. While that in itself is true enough, I’m actually referring to both my business and my personal life. Last time I wrote on this blog I spoke of the resurrection of my business after a somewhat slow winter. Like most self employed general contractors I find that business is booming in the warmer weather, a bit slower in the fall and practically non existent before and after the holidays. Any jobs secured in the winter months are made with the intent of starting once the air warms and the ground thaws and more importantly when the homeowners that hire me have a bit more money in their pockets after paying off the holiday debts. This July finds me with enough work to keep even the most dedicated of professionals on his toes. I’ve come to the conclusion that as busy am I as, that on occasion I need to take time out to focus on the aspects of my personal life. And let me tell you, big things are happening for the wife and I. You see, after eleven years of apartment living, this home builder is now a homeowner! After years of living among an ever rotating string of tenants we’ve finally moved into a place of our own. We’ve traded in the sounds of our downstairs neighbor’s obnoxiously loud surround sound for crickets and the occasional tree frog. As the theme song to the Jefferson’s proudly proclaimed, we’re moving on up! The journey for us from tenant to homeowner was one that started in October of last year. After years of saving we finally had enough money saved up to consider something more than living in a rented space. The pre-approval process was a breeze and before we could blink we were partnered up with a local real estate agent. Our first night of viewing houses was swiftly scheduled with three potential gems lined up for our viewing pleasure. Sadly the viewings had to be cancelled after two of the the three houses went under contract. After being filled with anticipation it was a crushing blow to say the least. It was soon after we found out that there was less available houses on the market compared to previous years. Anything of interest would sometimes last less than a day it seemed. Viewings were set up but then cancelled last minute due to another potential homeowner beating us to the punch. We did see many houses in between, but nothing was the right fit. Sometimes it was the right location but a not so right house, or a beautiful house but located on a busy road or in a high tax district.  Being a general contractor I wasn’t intimidated by any house I saw that needed some TLC, but neither were the investors with deeper pockets than mine looking to flip it for a quick profit. After six months of searching and numerous viewings we stumbled across the one. The one that would become our future home. From the street it looked like your typical circa 1950’s Cape Cod style house that had seen it’s share of wear and tear. Unlike many of the previous houses we’d viewed, this tired old  Cape had potential. I knew it was meant to be when I was the only one who could unlock the front door! The lock-set was an old fashion butterfly knob made of brass that had to be twisted as the key was simultaneously turned. Most people would jam their thumb in the attempt to gain entry, but not me. It’s as if it was meant to be. Our offer on the house was put in, then adjusted to a higher amount as we weren’t the only interested party. After what seemed and endless wait, but was realistically no more than 24 hours we heard the news. The house was ours! Wasting no time, the wife and I moved forward on packing up our lives at the apartment. Past projects,  such as the faux finish fireplace had to be covered over to once again look like a plain boring wall. Any colors we’d painted to add warmth to our rented space had to be covered over in a layer of white paint but no matter, we had a house to look forward to making our own. After an insanely short time span the big day came, closing day. April 18th we signed a stack of papers no smaller than the King James Bible. In under an hour we were officially homeowners. The wife’s car was already packed to the seams with boxes of our worldly treasures, ready to be moved in to our new dwelling. My truck was soon packed just as full as her’s and we made that first trip together to our new home. We celebrated in the classiest of ways, both with a can of PBR before commencing with the unpacking. In the days that followed, many friends came forward to help us with the moving process. It felt like a whirlwind of activity as we were constantly on the go. Even after we both came down with the flu and had raging fevers to match the wife and I still pushed forward with emptying our apartment and filling our house. In a few short weeks the move was complete. Endless unpacking and projects have followed in the three months that we moved, juggled in between my busy work schedule but that is a topic for another blog post. In the meantime I’m enjoying the good life as every day I leave work and instead of heading for an apartment where we’d long since overstayed our welcome , instead my truck takes me to a place called home.

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